Total wilderness, wild boars, roes and deer behind the fence, 100 kinds of birds that you can only from our backyard including the cranes shouting over our heads, the hoopoes raving under the window in the garden, the golden orioles in the bushes on the field and up the forest, all kinds of flying beasts of prey, cruising above our house. White storks in the nest on the roof of a ruined house and the black ones near the river. And on a river - beavers, so you cannot cross the river without taking your trousers off. There are fish in lakes; in the summer there are loganberries on fields, and mushrooms in the forest in the autumn (even the orangeagaric places!). In the summer we travel by bike and on foot, in the winter we use running skis. (Also see BIRDS)


Deep Lake

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Valley of the river:

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Silent Lake

In the forest



In the Winter
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